Free Internet Phone Calls Apps – The 15 Best of 2020

Free Internet Calls

Yes, Apps are “where it’s at” when you need to make free internet phone calls, sometimes even to any country in the world. There are four different phone call applications available on the internet: PC to phone, an app to phone, PC to PC, and app to app. Below, you will find the list of 15 best internet phone call apps that are highly recommended by internet users.

Google Voice – Free Internet Phone Calls

 Google Voice is among the most popular and best apps to make free phone calls. You can make calls to an actual phone number, from PC to phone, and from PC to PC. Google Voice also allows us to send SMS, get free voice mail services, and make conference calls. You can use the app from the web, as well as from Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.


All numbers must be either American or Canadian and limited calling time (no longer than 3 hours). 

WhatsApp for Free Calls

 Whatsapp owned by Facebook is a popular texting app with several million users already. You can also make free phone calls by using an Internet connection. All you need to do to start is to confirm your phone number. In addition, the app allows you to send videos, photos, and audio messages. It can be used from the web or from Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.


One limitation is that phone calls can be made only to those devices that also have WhatsApp, which means you cannot call an actual phone number by using WhatsApp. 

TextNow offers free calls

TextNow app was made to exchange free internet phone calls with other users. The interface is very nice and easy to use. It keeps the records of your calling history and allows you to send messages while you are actively in a call. You can also send pictures, videos, and even your location. In order to set up the app, the only thing you need is your email, and an actual phone number is not required.


There is also an option to make phone calls to non-users, but you will have to buy credits to be able to do that.

Google Duo another free calling app from Google

Google Duo is another calling up created by Google. You can use it for either regular phone calls or for video conferencing. It can be used from the web or as an Android, iPad, or iPhone app.


You can only make calls to other Google Duo users, so phone calls to actual phone numbers and non-users are not available. Another disadvantage is that it does not support sending texts. 

TextFree also offers Free Calling

TextFree is an app that provides you with a real free internet phone calls with a unique number to make phone calls. You can also send text messages and customize the voicemail greeting. There are also options to earn more free minutes by watching advertisements and completing free offers. If you do not use your Textfree phone number for 30 days, the number is returned to the “pool” of numbers available for other users. If your number expires or deactivated, you can always get a new one. Android, iPad, and iPhone apps are available. 


New Textfree users receive a limited amount of minutes for free calling to non-users and landlines.

Viber is one of the original free calling apps

 Viber allows you to make free phone calls from PC to PC or app to app. It also supports other devices. In addition, there are options to send pictures, text messages, video, and audio messages. You can buy a local phone number in a certain country and use it for receiving texts and phone calls. Viber runs on Mac, Microsoft, and Linux computers, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 

Facebook Messenger – Text and make free calls

Facebook Messenger is a free messaging service developed and owned by Facebook. It allows us to make free phone calls from app to app, PC to PC, and app to PC. You can also exchange pictures, videos, and text messages with other users for free.


In order to make free phone calls by using the app, users have to be friends on Facebook. Another limitation is that Facebook Messenger does not support calling real phone numbers and landlines. 

Snapchat – not just for pics, but calls for free too!

 Snapchat is well known as a popular app for sending pictures. However, there is also free audio and video calls service available for Spanchat users. All you need to do to complete a free internet phone call is to have an Internet connection.


Unfortunately, you cannot make phone calls to non-users and landlines, which is the only disadvantage of this app. Snapchat works well with the iPad, iPhone, and Android. 

Telegram – a popular choice for calling for free

 Telegram is one of the most popular internet phone call apps for sending messages and making phone calls. It is very easy to use, and it is available anywhere you log in, as long as you have an Internet connection. In order to contact another contact, you need to add him to your Telegram contact list and call by clicking on the phone icon in the Telegram app. Telegram runs well on most devices, including Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Windows, and some others. 


However, it is important to know that free phone calls are only available to users.

FreedomPop – real numbers and free calls

 FreedomPop was created as an app to app service. The best thing about it is that you can call actual phone numbers, including mobile phones and landlines, anywhere in the United States, even if the app is not installed on your device. When signing up, you have an option to pick a phone number from any area code you want. However, in order to make phone calls around the globe, both callers and recipients have to use the app. FreedomPop also supports a custom voicemail greeting and allows you to send text messages as well.


However, there are some limitations too: you have 500 messages and 200 minutes a month. In order to see how many you have remaining, you should check the settings in the app. 

Tango – just free cals

 Tango is a free service allowing users to make phone calls via app to app. Those who use Android service have an option to call other Tango users for free. You can also send videos and regular text messages.


However, it is important to point out that Tango runs only on Android. 

Skype – the OG free calling service

 By using Skype, you can make phone calls between several mobile and desktop platforms. There are different communication options available, including app to app, PC to app, PC to PC, and app to PC. You can also send text messages and video to any Skype users for no charge. It is possible to use Skype on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and in your browser. 

Libon – new free calling app

 Libon is more than just a free app for phone calls, It also gives you options to exchange videos, pictures, and text messages.


However, communication only between Libon users is possible, which means you cannot call non-Libon users. If you need to call someone who does not have the app, you have to buy credits. 

LINE – Social network meets free calls

Line is a social network platform with an easy-to-use calling function. When you sign up, you receive 5 minutes of free calling time, even if the other person does not have the app. LINE also provides its users with a private container for your files, messages, and photos, as well as a useful function to find other users nearby. 

Globfone – good free calls from PC to Phone

Globfone is an app for free phone calls through creating a PC to phone connection. The best thing about Globfone is that there is no need to download the app because you can use it right inside the browser. It also allows you to send messages and support free video chat. 

How to Make the Best Use of Your Old Tablet

One good way of saving money is making use of old discarded things such as your old tablet. Some of us may have an old tablet sitting around and it’s likely lying around because it doesn’t have a high-resolution screen, fast processor, etc and it ends up lost or forgotten. But wait, there is good news – there are still plenty of good uses for that old tablet.

Old Tablet = New Digital Picture Frame

Tablet picture frame

Even if you have never owned a digital picture frame, you might be surprised to know that a new digital picture frame with decent resolution can cost up to $100? Well, take that old tablet and convert it into a high-end digital picture frame. This conversion to a digital picture frame can be accomplished easily. Simply buy an inexpensive traditional pop-up stand at your neighborhood Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, etc. Next, go to your app store or app marketplace and download a digital frame app by searching “digital photo frame” and you should find a lot of apps to suit this purpose. Finally, load the pictures of your family or friends and you’ve got yourself a snazzy high resolution new digital picture frame. Now sit back and enjoy the memories.

Old Tablet = Second Screen

Tablet as second monitor

Use your old tablet and set it up as a second screen! Your new second screen will increase your productivity at work and at home. You can keep notes with a simple note-taking app like Simplenote. You can also use a bookmarking tool as a reference for pages that you wanted to look up. If you have an iPad there are applications that actually let you use it as a second monitor. One app that is interesting and highly rated is in the iOS store and it’s called “Sidecar”.

Old Tablet = Second Phone

Tablet as a phone

Both iPad and Android tablets support Skype to make phone calls. Both of these apps are free but remember there is a cost for international calls. You can talk with voice like a traditional phone call or face to face chat (which is like FaceTime). By using a tablet you actually get a nice big screen compared to your phone while at the same time being lighter to hold.

Old Tablet = Car Navigation

Tablet as car navigation

You probably already use your cell phone for navigating around town. But did you know you could use your tablet as navigation as well? You might need to check to make sure that your tablet has GPS built-in. Also, you want to make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or your phone’s hotspot. One thing about the table is which I do appreciate is the large display so I can see the entire map more clearly.

Old Tablet = Digital Cookbook

Tablet as cookbook

Cooking and using a tablet while getting messy may not be a great way to use a new tablet. But if you have an old tablet you certainly won’t be as afraid of getting it dirty. Just download your favorite recipe app install it and get cooking. You might even want to get a stand so you can prop it up while cooking so you can read the recipe clearly.

Old Tablet = New Remote

Tablet as new remote

You old tablet is probably larger than your regular remote and certainly much easier to find. The TV SideView app which is available for Apple and Android is a really nice way to control your TV and entertainment center. Installing these apps is a breeze and you can look up the codes for DVD, Blu-ray players, stereos, and more to control the systems properly.

Old Tablet = Donate it!

if you still can’t think of a use for your old tablet please do not throw it away. There are students out there and schools that could really use your old tablet. If if you can’t find the school or student that needs your old tablet you can take it to some big box stores that offer recycling programs such as Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot. You might even get a credit for the old tablet if it isn’t too out of date.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are many uses for your tablet. Just be creative and you will great uses for it everywhere. It’s better for your pocketbook and the planet.