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How to Get a Refund on Paypal in 4 Steps

    How to Get a Refund on Paypal in 4 StepsWe will show you how to get a refund on Paypal in 4 Steps

    The Getting a Paypal refund for an eBay item purchased through a Paypal transaction is easy to do once Paypal’s rules for refunds are clearly understood. Ordinarily, Paypal and eBay make it very challenging to get the money refunded from a Paypal transaction if the seller refuses to refund the buyer’s money.

    The claims process ordinarily takes up to a month and sometimes longer to get a Paypal refund, and the buyer is subjected to having to depend on Paypal’s arbitration and a decision whether a refund will be offered.

    Paypal has a little-known rule, that once the seller receives his or her merchandise back and the buyer can prove it, Paypal automatically refunds the buyer’s money. This works for all purchases made through Paypal for eBay items. The trick is in knowing the inside scoop on Paypal refund procedures.

    4 Steps to Request a Paypal Refund


    If the buyer receives an eBay item that he wants to return, he should contact the seller immediately with a request for a refund for the full amount including outbound shipping. Per Paypal refund rules, the buyer is responsible for return shipping charges on a Paypal transaction, unless the seller offers to reimburse these charges.

    1. Repack the item in its original package or include the original package with the item in another box. Return it immediately to the seller.
    2. Add a delivery confirmation on all items valued under $200 and signature confirmation on all items over $200 and purchased through a Paypal transaction whether by cash or credit card payment. Buyers should consider insurance for their protection.
    3. Delivery and signature confirmations supply tracking numbers which can be checked online for the date the package is delivered to the seller.
    4. If the seller agrees to the Paypal refund, follow up once the package shows it has been delivered. You negotiate a full refund for an eBay – Paypal transaction are finished with the process at this point. If the seller has not agreed to offer a refund, the buyer must file a claim for a Paypal refund.

    Filing a Paypal Refund Claim – Step by Step

    1. To submit a claim for a Paypal transaction, the buyer should log into her Paypal account.
    2. At the top of the Paypal, My Account Page, click on the link in blue that says, Resolution Center.
    3. Click the link in the center of the page that says, Report A Problem.
    4. Click again on the yellow link.
    5. Then click the dot next to the heading called, Item Dispute, and continue. The form will ask for a Paypal Transaction ID.
    6. Click the gray button and search the buyer’s PayPal account for the Paypal transaction. You can find the ID is by the date the item was paid for which can be found at the top of the eBay auction page for the item.
    7. Go to the date and find the Paypal transaction.
    8. Click the blue transaction link on the Paypal page and it will fill in the number on the Paypal claims page.
    9. Then Click Continue.
    10. Again, Click the second button that says, I received my item but it is significantly not as described. Click, Continue.
    11. Enter the reason for the claim on the list provided and fill in the item category in the drop-down menu.
    12. Briefly ask for the Paypal refund and describe why the item is not as described.
    13. Explain that the item was returned to the seller and include the tracking number.
    14. Continue filling in the blanks as requested and where it asks the amount of the Paypal refund fill in the full amount paid plus the original shipping charges.
    15. Click through the dispute process.
    16. As soon as the dispute is completed go to the top of the Paypal account page in the Resolution Center and click on the drop-down menu that says, View Open Claims. Open the new Paypal refund dispute and scroll down to a link that says, Escalate this dispute to a claim.
    17. Fill in all the blanks. Mention again that the item was already returned and include the tracking number.
    18. Track the item until the carrier notes it was delivered to the seller.
    19. At this point, call Paypal at, 888-221-1161 in the US and Canada and ask to speak to an agent. Explain that the item was returned and delivered and ask for the Paypal refund. Supply the tracking number to the Paypal agent. The Paypal refund will be processed immediately once they see proof of the item having been received by the seller.

    In Conclusion

    Receiving a Paypal refund for an eBay item purchased with a Paypal transaction works every time. Do not be afraid to file a claim for a Paypal refund. If done correctly, they are very supportive of buyers.