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How to Improve Download Speed on Origin – Easy Fixes for 2023

    How to Improve Download Speed on Origin

    How to Improve Download Speed on Origin, Easily!

    In theory, online game stores like Origin are great, meaning you can buy a game on a platform like Steam and start playing it within a few minutes at any time, whether day or night. However, in a practical sense, the real situation is not so rosy. Though you can buy a game from online game stores, click on the download button and find yourself struggling with the slow download speeds that could be a fair virtual representation of a snail moving in molasses.

    Most users struggle with downloading speed and have to wait for a longer timer regardless of having a high internet and processor. Though there is no such way to speed up your downloads on Origin, you can try some tips that might affect the downloading speed.

    Make sure you have high-speed internet, fast wifi, and an upgraded processor to proceed with downloading your game from the Origin server because once you request the file for downloading, the original server of Origin will find the closest DNS located in your area and allow you to download your game file. Without further ado, let us look at several tips that may impact the speed of Origin downloads and how to improve download speed on Origin.

    How to Improve Download Speed on Origin – First Update Origin Client

    The first step on how to improve download speed on Origin is to ensure that you have the latest version of the Origin application because conflicts between your Origin server and out-of-date client are the cause of slow downloading speed. Therefore, it would be great for you to upgrade the version of Origin before buying your game because new clients are incorporated on the platform daily, and purchasing the game from a reliable and up-to-date client on Origin will increase the speed of your Origin downloads.

    All you need to do is open the Origin client, click on Origin, and select “application settings.” Choose the “General” tab, scroll down to the bottom, make sure the check box stating “automatically keep Origin updated” is selected, and finally click on “done.” Then you have to restart the Origin client, and It will automatically download and install any updates you might have been missing.

    Thus, having the latest version of the Origin client will make use of a more robust server that enables you to download the game file at a much faster rate. You can also consult the support team of Origin on how to increase the speed of your downloads as fast as possible. The humble staff will explain different tips to consider to improve the internet speed of the Origin downloads.

    It probably goes without saying, but you should not be using pirated copies.

    How to Improve Download Speed on Origin  – Ease Up Bandwidth to Download Speed

    Another tip that might affect the downloading speed on Origin is to ease up your bandwidth because plenty of internet service providers (isp) place a limitation on the frequency of data you can continuously download, and downloading anything else at the time of downloading a file from Origin can be the reason behind the slowdowns. Therefore, cancel or pause any other download running concurrently in the background and see if the Origin downloads’ speed improves.

    This includes both data-consuming activities, whether direct downloads through specialized software/ website or streaming content from online service providers like Netflix. Moreover, if you have a shared internet connection with your household members, ask if they can cancel or pause any download that might be running on their devices.

    It will help in freeing up the bandwidth of your internet service provider and allow you to download your Origin file at a higher speed because your internet connection will be focused on one download, and it may increase the speed of your Origin download. Moreover, you can even ask your members of the households to discount their connection to focus internet bandwidth to one device and see whether the speed of your Origin improves or not.

    You can also run a speed test on your connection from a free service like

    Also, you can check the speed from your android / iPhone by downloading the app.

    How to Improve Download Speed on Origin  – Adjust Firewall Settings to improve Download Speed

    It might be possible that your firewall software may be interrupting your internet connection to the Origin servers from where your downloads are coming from. According to the EA website, Origin software requirements are TCP ports 80, 443, 1024 to 1124, 9960 to 9969, 18120, 18000, 18060, 28910, 27900, and 29900, and UDP ports 18000, 1024 to 1124, and 29900 in order to function correctly.

    However, if you are using any router or modem, you might also have to open the same port to access the Origin server’s file. Moreover, the methods to access these ports will depend upon the type of router and firewall software you are using; therefore, it would be best for you to consult your router and firewall software provider or check the manual for further information.

    Once you know how to access the Origin file without the interruption of firewall software and router, it will improve your download speed. You can easily adjust firewall settings from your computer or device and see whether it is interrupting the network or not.

    How to Improve Download Speed on Origin  – Prevent Using The Services Of Third-Party DNS to increase download speed

    When it comes to delivering a higher internet speed as possible, Origin servers are dependent on the Akamai server network. Whenever you make a request regarding a game download, the potential file will automatically be downloaded from the closest Akamai server network in your geographical location. Moreover, your current location is determined by the DNS server you have incorporated into your system.

    And if you are using the service of third-party DNS like OpenDNS or Google DNS, the akamai server will select the closest DNS server near to third-party services’ server geographical location, and it will slow down the speed of your downloads. Therefore, it would be great for you to avoid using third-party DNS; the akamai server will find its DNS server near your location and connect the potential file you want to download.

    This will help you download the Origin file at a much faster rate and enable you to play the game as soon as possible. Moreover, Origin itself wants to deliver a great user experience to the players by setting up a DNS server in every corner of the world to ensure players are able to download the file without any interruption.

    Moreover, you’ll probably want to check your antivirus settings as well.

    These are the top tips that may affect the speed of your Origin downloads and allow you to play your game as soon as possible.