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iPhone Won’t Turn On – 5 Sure Fire Tips that Work Great

    Apple iPhones are considered the most expensive smartphones in the world and it’s troubling when your iPhone Won’t Turn On. It can generate a bad feeling when it does not turns on for many reasons. The reasons behind the switching off the device may be the continued usage or by pressing the power button several times that will generate a command to the device to go to sleep for some time. And this trouble can be shooting out by various methods that will be discussed in the following section.

    Most of the moments, it is seen that when an iPhone is restarted, it will show a black and blank screen in the place of the home screen, and this thing will initiate a bad feeling in the heart of the user. Let’s read the upcoming data to get the solutions to this problem and get the Apple iPhone in its original usable condition.

    Charge the battery of the device – Your iPhone Wont Turn On Because your Battery is Dead

    iphone dead battery

    Continued usage of the device will rinse down its battery percentage, and it will automatically come to a switched-off state. This happens many times to most users when their iPhone won’t turn on. This condition can be called the discharge mode of the cell. And the user does not have to worry a lot about this as this can be sorted out by connecting the device with a suitable charger; and the cell will be charged in few hours, and the device will be ready to use again.

    Sometimes an insufficient charge is failed to charge the Apple iPhone, and the same condition may happen when connected to a computer device for charging its battery. And the final blow will result in the switched off state of the cell. Moreover, a user will need a supportive USB cable and a power adaptor to connect to the phone later to offer some electricity. An iPhone user is advised to charge it for a minimum of 20 minutes to receive a fair usage, and they can hold it on the charger for more than 20 minutes, like for an hour or more, to get excessive battery life.

    iPhone Won’t Turn On – Try Rebooting your iPhone

    Reboot your iPhone

    Sometimes, it is seen that while using an application on the device, it gets stopped or crashed, and a black screen is shown to the user. This problem can be sorted out by rebooting or restarting the cell phone. Rebooting closes all the applications running on an iPhone and brings the cell into its new and original state.

    If your phone boots, but you are not getting a connection, please check out this article.

    This condition may also have happened due the overheating of the phone, and there is a lot of reason for overheating that is running a big game, running a combination of the application at a single time, overcharging or holding the phone at the charger for a long time and many more. The restarting process can be done by pressing and holding the power button simultaneously for more than 15 seconds. And a short vibration will occur that is a signal for the device’s rebooting, and after 2-3 minutes, the Apple iPhone will be in its new condition.

    iPhone Won’t Turn On – Try Checking the connections

    Check iPhone Charging Cable

    When an iPhone dies due to the discharging of its battery life, it will require a charging state to recover all the loss. And for charging a cell, a user will need a supportive charger that can give power to the phone. A charger is consisting of a USB cable and a power adaptor.

    While connecting the device to the charger, the user must be assured of the established connection. An iOS cable will be required to charge an iPhone, and this process cannot be done by using the other charging cable. Sometimes, a damaged cable cannot offer adequate electricity to the mobile, or their supply performance will be very much low than expected.

    The simplest way to recharge the battery is by establishing a good connection between an apple iPhone with its original charging cable and the power adaptor. The original additives will give their best and outstanding performance to offer a suitable electricity voltage to the mobile, and it will charge very fast. The user will be switching it on in a few minutes.

    If your iPhone Won’t Turn On – Try Restoring the iPhone

    Restoring Iphone

    The cell screen remains black, and it will not turn one when a user tries to connect the device with iTunes. Many times this problem is faced by the peoples, which can be solved by restoring the cell. To restore the mobile, one will have to find their iPhone in iTunes and search for the settings’ restore option. iTunes does remark the backup of the data stored in the phone, and a user will receive all the data of their later after the program of restoring. For such instances, a user is always advised to keep storing their data at the iCloud or iTunes that it can be easily achievable back in the future.

    iPhone Won’t Turn On? – Failures of the iPhone Hardware

    iphone hardware failure

    There are many scenarios behind the device’s hardware failure, which can affect the iPhone to turn on, and the user will get a constant black screen instead of a home screen. The failure can be mistakenly dropping the cell from a height that impacts the mobile, falling the cell into the water so that the water will run into the mobile, a short circuit at the electric board where the charger is connected, and many more.

    These situations can turn off the cell, and no working will be seen. If such instance happened with the user, the cell must be dried up using a suitable hair dryer and making it completely clean and preventing the usage of the chemical such as petrol or ether that may affect the mobile internally. After drying the cell, please take it to the expert technicians and tell them about an accident’s entire situation with the iPhone.

    One is advised that they should carry the broken phone to its authorized service center so that if the iPhone is in the warranty period, it will not have a devastating effect on the person’s pocket. The expert personalities will repair the device by replacing the damaged part and will provide a well-furnished mobile to the person. This method will offer better chances of getting a well-working mobile again in the hands of the user.