Why Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up – Updated 2021

How to Stop Google Assistant from Popping Up

Google Assistant is a great function artificial intelligence tool that will be very helpful and beneficial in many prospective to the user. But sometimes, Google Assistant keeps popping up, which will make a user very frustrated, and this thing will need proper care. In the following data, we will guide you about the maintenance of Google assistance, and these will not pop-up again in the future without receiving a call from the user.

Steps that should be followed to fix Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up

A series of steps are there that must be followed to get the desired result are discussed in the following section-

Turn off the audio access

Turning off the automatic access to the audio will result in not getting the automatic signal to the Google assistance, and it will be restricted to pop-up. And the whole process to perform such process is chatted as follows-

  1. Pick up the phone and go to the settings by click on the settings icon, or it can be done by opening the top window and directly enters into the settings.
  2. Scroll down to reach the Google assistant program and click there to open the option.
  3. Then click on the voice setting option, and it will navigate a user to its man settings.
  4. One will find a button at the top right corner of the option that will allow the user to give access to the voice control or deny access for Google assistance.
  5. By switching it off, Google assistance will not be allowed to gain access automatically over the audio.

And by performing the procedure, the AI programs from Google will not pop-up again without calling it back, which will satisfy the user. Some other methods are there that can also be used for such prospective.

By disabling the Google assistant home button

This method is most suitable for users who do not use this feature a lot on their mobile phones. To reach this, one is advised to follow the following steps to achieve the goal and fix the application’s automatic opening that creates a disturbance while using the phone.

  1. Click on the setting icon in the application menu, or it can be searched by typing on the search bar and open it.
  2. Please scroll down to the apps option and click it to open it.
  3. Go to the default apps option and open it with a single click.
  4. After opening the default applications option, one will get many of the preinstalled applications on mobile phones, and most of them are from Google with a similar icon.
  5. Then a person has to scroll down to reach the assistance and voice input option.
  6. Select the assist applications and open them. There may be more than one assist application that is installed on the device of the user.
  7. Click on the Google assistance option to access its settings furthermore.
  8. And a “none” option can be seen at the top right corner, and by pressing it, it will permanently disable the Google assistance program until the user re-enables it.

By performing such steps, a person will deny access to the application on their mobile phones, and the pop-up problem will be solved at a good instance.

Deny access to the microphone of the device

Many applications are installed in mobile phones that users access to the mic for performing some specific tasks. The Google assistance program has also used the mic to get instructions. If access to the microphone is denied to the AI software, it will not follow instructions in any manner and will not open again. This way will not uninstall or disable the program but only limit its freedom. To perform this job, a user is advised to walk on the following steps-

  1. First of all, land to the settings on the mobile phone by simply clicking the icon.
  2. Please scroll down to my apps option and open it.
  3. This will show many applications installed on the device, and one has to find the Google assistance application and open it.
  4. Now go to the permission section, and one would see the permissions that the app required for its working.
  5. There will be an option of access to the microphone, and that has to be disabled to deny the access of the application to the device’s hardware.

This way will offer you a cut-off between the program and mic so that the app will not be able to utilize the microphone in the future until the permission is given back to the user.

Cleaning the cache and data of the Google assistance program

This is also being an excellent option to bring the AI software back to track. The cache is being developed in the application in the form of data. This will form at the time of surfing the application. Moreover, the app’s automatic opening will store a lot of caches that are sufficient to disturb the working of the software. At the better option is that to remove it, for performing this task one is suggested to read the following steps-

  1. At the very first moment, opens the settings of ht mobile phone by tapping on the icon that can be seen on the menu.
  2. Go to the applications and click it.
  3. Scroll down to the Google assistance app alphabetically.
  4. Open the app’s setting, and at the top right corner, the clear cache option will be there, and by tapping it, all the cache will be removed, and the program will work better without any disturbance.

Users are advised to restart their phones after performing this task to get good results.

Fully immobilize the Google assistance

If a user does not need to use this software again, they can altogether disable it and to do this job, follow the given steps-

  1. First, start the Google application on the mobile phone by clicking on the main menu icon.
  2. Click on the three dots represented on the right top corner and select more at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  3. And then scroll down to the settings and open it.
  4. Click on the Google assistance option and go to the assistant tab, and there will make a swipe option that will allow the use of the app.
  5. After clicking on the button, the software will be denied entirely to used any feature of the phone, and the automatic uncertain popping up will be fixed.

In Conclusion

The Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up is a frustrating error. We hope this article was able to address the issue. Please see our other how-to articles for more tips and tricks.